Washington State’s Fight for Home Cultivation

It comes as a surprise to many, even those living in Washington, that while cannabis is legal throughout the Evergreen State, home cultivation — even on a very small scale — remains illegal.

When Washington citizens voted to legalize the adult-use of recreational marijuana, most believed this would liberate the plant. Many were under the impression that citizens would have more natural freedoms with cannabis — that smoking a joint in a park with your friends would be as legal as growing a couple cannabis plants in your summer garden, but in fact, neither of those are true. Public consumption is a big no-no, and growing house plants could still warrant some jail time.

Surprisingly, Washington is the only legal cannabis state that does not allow personal home cultivation. Every other state that has passed recreational adult-use marijuana laws include the right to home cultivation. Each state varies in plant counts but the national average is about 4-6 plants per person. Even our federal capital of Washington D.C. allows its citizens to grow personal cannabis plants in their residence, how’s that for irony?





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