Three’s Company: Cannabis Strains

Super Lemon Haze! Maui Wowie! Pineapple Express! Oh My!

Which strain do you choose before a walk through the Sequoias?  What about after a long days’ work?  How do you know what is the best strain for you?  We are fortunate to live in an era full of options.  Although cannabis has been used for centuries for industrial and medicinal purposes, it is only in the past 500 years that the use of the terms sativa – meaning cultivation, and indicia – used to describe a strain from India, were introduced to the world.

Through the years, the cannabis plant has evolved into hundreds or even thousands of strains as well as the definitions of sativa and indica.  Modern times have conveniently categorized cannabis to fit your everyday needs. The three commonly used descriptors of cannabis are Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Once you expand your knowledge and experience with cannabis you will be able to select a strain that will fit you without hesitation.

Cannabis Sativa generally has a strong and uplifting cerebral effect and may be useful for physical or social activities, and creative projects.  Cannabis Indica provides a relaxing vibe that may be best enjoyed after physical activities, snuggling on the couch for movie night, or as a nightcap.  Hybrids are created through cross pollination of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  You will experience different effects depending on the lineage of the parent strains and which is dominAnt.  For the most part, hybrids may offer a balanced effect and is a great starter strain for those new to cannabis.

Now, there are more factors to consider when selecting a strain.

The amount of THC and CBD cannabinoids impact the effects of each strain. A sativa with a high THC content may have a greater cerebral effect and could be perfect for listening to music or being surrounded by nature.  A lower THC content could be beneficial before working out or going to a party and may give uplifting affects verses cerebral.  After a workout, an indica with a well-balanced THC content combined with high CBD, could be calming and may provide muscle relief.

If you are going to have dinner with your relatives, a hybrid strain could bring you to a fun state without the obvious tell-tale signs that you are medicated.

Since not all strains are created equal, it is important to consistently test out different strains.  Depending on experience and mindset, each cannabis strain may affect each person on different level.  It is also beneficial to rotate strains because you could build a tolerance with a strain and it may not be as effective as the first time.

So let’s imagine a weekend in the life with cannabis.

It is Saturday morning and you wake up to the warmth of the sun.  After a light healthy breakfast, you head to the farmer’s market and a nice walk on the beach trail.  In your pocket is a vape pen with a full cartridge of Super Lemon Haze – the perfect sativa to keep you on your feet to enjoy the outdoors.  You head back home to prepare a fresh farmer’s market dinner for your friends.  When everyone arrives, the first item on the menu is a group session of the hybrid strain Pineapple Express. Everyone is enjoying the delicious dinner – even yummier after vaping. Your friend shares a story about how she has been having migraines.  You immediately run back to your room and to grab a cartridge of Blueberry. After everyone leaves, you get in your comfy bed and enjoy the relaxing indica effects of Northern Lights. The next morning you wake up refreshed and without a hangover.

The temptation of a lazy Sunday is enticing, yet the sweet sounds of birds call out your name.  C’est la vie!

There is a place for cannabis with any lifestyle. Incorporating cannabis into your life could have a positive impact than you could ever imagine. Whether you are on the go or just want to relax there is a perfect strain for you. Take the time to experience a life with cannabis and you will never look back.


Disclaimer: Posts are made for getting the conversation going about the popular uses of cannabis.  It is not intended to diagnose or make any medical claims.


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