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The Process

Through every step of our proprietary cannabis distillation process, we make smart ethical choices to bring you the best in flavor and potency. We extract and isolate our own compounds to formulate the unique flavors people have come to enjoy.

Our entire process from earth to shelf is wholly dependent on highly skilled, passionate people who take extreme pride in their craft.



Picking the right horticulturists.  

Medi X only source high quality, organic cannabis locally harvested by XertifiedTM growers. These growers are evaluated and scored for their plant quality and their sustainable practices. We look for growers who produce first-class cannabis with a thick coat of sugary resin that contains the cannabinoids and terpenes, giving our oils the powerful effects and captivating flavors.


Respecting the scientific process.

The Medi X team of chemistry aficionados takes the plant, test them for quality, and combine the raw materials for the extraction process, where the plant is processed through an organic CO2 extraction system. These cannaseurs skillfully refine the oils through distillation twelve times to remove any lipids, waxes and other impurities. Their mad-scientific result is a consistently pure, solvent-free, distillate oil that grades more than 80% THC.


Empowering bespoke infusions.

Our Medi X mixology team then takes the solvent-free pure oil distillate and reintroduces terpenes to concoct a cocktail pleasant, yet potent flavor. All of the Medi X oils have terpene derived and isolated from cannabis and distinguished as a stimulant (sativa), a relaxer (indica) or a mixture of both (hybrid) to meet specific needs.


Embracing independent perspectives.

Medi X partners with an independent third-party laboratory to test the potency, consistency and purity of our oils. Others may claim they have the lowest failure rate, but that’s immaterial to our scientific team. If a product does not meet our highest standards, we don’t introduce it to market. We do this to protect our brand reputation by assuring every time you use our Medi X oils, you will experience the same result in the high-quality solvent-free, gold distillate you come to expect from the Medi X brand.

Age Verification 

Medi X is a California based 100% Solvent-Free Gold Distillates brand, that operates in accordance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. You must be at least 21 years old in order to enter this site.


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