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Our Reason for Being.

The Medi X Brand Story

The answer is here.

At the coast of California you can see the palm trees sway along the calming Pacific Ocean as outdoor enthusiasts surf, cycle and run along the coastline. Along the majestic mountains, thrillists reach for the peaks as they hike, climb and snowboard the Sierras. In the heart of California, growers lovingly cultivate the earth to share with the world a bounty of plants, florals and wine that segues into botanicals. We are surrounded by the rich biodiversity that holds secrets to medicine and beauty.

 Our awakening. 

And in the vein of California grew the idea of turning to earth to maximize life. We start with natural antidotes, harvested in the rich and varied earth to bring to you the best botanical mélange from the auspicious cannabis plant.

What was once shunned from unlearned society is now embraced and celebrated in our awakening world of mindfulness.

The choices we make define us.

Medi XTM was envisaged with the idea that we can maximize our life experiences through the pure and extracted cannabis honey oil. We believe we can help people live their best life in a meaningful way that naturally heals the mind, body and spirit.

The antidote is here and is locally grown in the heart of California from the coast to the mountains, bringing you the different flavors and potency of the cannabis flower. Our Medi X oils are sourced from local farmers who use traditional, sustainable methods of cultivation and harvesting. The approach we take towards our products demonstrates our affinity for simplicity and utility.

It’s time to return back to simpler ways of healing, health and happiness.
It’s time everyone has the natural antidotes to live their best life.

Medi X
Live your best life.®

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Medi X is a California based 100% Solvent-Free Gold Distillates brand, that operates in accordance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. You must be at least 21 years old in order to enter this site.


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