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The Medi X™ Difference

We don’t just make cannabis oil distillates- we make life amazing by providing products that help people live their best life.

This simplistic view of “making life amazing for people” makes it easy for us to maintain focus on our reason for being. Every day we go to work, aspiring for two simple things: Help people live their best life, and do good for this world. This world includes the people on it and the earth we call our home.

From earth to shelf, each step of the process in bringing you the Medi X experience is taken with great care, love and respect for everyone and everything in the process.

Superior Strains

What gives cannabis “character” are the hundreds of other compounds called terpenes. Terpenes provide cannabis its flavor, aroma, and acts as an agent to alter THC’s psychoactive and medicinal properties.

Cannaseurs have long developed cannabis strains to deliver the right kind of effects customers seek. The strains within Medi X™ Sativa, Indica and Hybrid oils are selected for their amazing abilities to lift up, calm down and balance your experience.

Strain Profiles

The Choice is Clear.

Our industry-leading distillation process and standards for purity and potency makes us ardent cannaseurs in what we do. We extract and isolate our own compounds to formulate the unique flavors found in our brand. All of our Medi X formulas have terpenes derived and isolated from premium grade cannabis, distilled 12 times in our extraction process to bring you the potency three times more than the strongest flower.

When you look at the choices you have to make, the choice is clear. Medi X outperforms in product quality. But our biggest achievement is in the quality of life we put back into people’s lives.

Medi X Oils

Age Verification 

Medi X is a California based 100% Solvent-Free Gold Distillates brand, that operates in accordance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. You must be at least 21 years old in order to enter this site.


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